Rifle Bullshooter



Poly Bullshooter®. Made of a very dense, high impact polyethylene. Built to last!

Sight in any scoped rifle or shotgun with as few as 3 rounds of ammo. The Bullshooter® will hold your rifle securely allowing you to adjust your scope to the point of impact, saving you money and time.

Works great for sighting in with a laser. Holds your rifle while you adjust the laser.

Sets up in seconds: There is only one screw to be inserted to hold the stabilizer bar to the front of the Bullshooter® (no tools needed).

It is self-contained, lightweight and totally portable. Measures: 18″X5″X3 ¼” high.

Adjustable: To position on your target, slide your rifle forward or back while in the Bullshooter®. To raise or lower, there are adjustment screws on the stabilizer bar (no tools needed). For additional height in front or rear, we have included shim stock.

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