Oak Vertical Gun Rack Wall/Door Display For 1 Gun

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Choose this black poly or wood gun rack to display your rifle, shotgun or any long gun on your wall or door. The unique design lets you show off your firearm in 3 positions-left, right or center. Each piece has two predrilled holes for wall mounting; which can be positioned to best fit your gun. Black poly is easy on your gun finish and won’t scratch, while our solid American Oak comes in a light finish, a dark special walnut finish or unfinished option. *Pictured in dark oak


  • Top measures 4 ½” H 5 ½” W 6 ½” D
  • Bottom measures 4 ½ H 7 ½ W 8” D
  • Oak buttons to cover mounting holes
  • Carpeted bottom
  • Felt lined barrel rest in wood gun racks


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Weight 3 lbs

Finished, Unfinished

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