Rifle Sighting in System

The Original Bullshooter®

sighting in sytem

Voted #1, Sighting in System Used to Win Awards in Rim Fire Competitions

  • Poly Bullshooter® made of a very dense, high image polyethylene. Built to last!
  • Sight in any scoped rifle or shotgun with as few as 3 rounds of ammo. The Bullshooter® will hold your rifle securely allowing you to adjust your scope to the point of impact, saving you money and time.
  • Works great for sighting in with a laser. Holds your rifle while you adjust the laser.
  • Sets up in seconds: There is only one screw to be inserted to hold the stabilizer bar to the front of the Bullshooter® (no tools needed).
  • It is self-contained, lightweight and totally portable. Measures 18" x 5" x 3 1/4" H
  • Adjustable: to position on your target, slide your rifle forward or back while in the Bullshooter®. To raise or lower, there are adjustment screws on the stabilizer bar (no tools needed). For additional height in front or rear, we have included shim stock.
  • Very attractive: BLACK POLY will accent your rifle beautifully for displaying.
  • Works as a vise: holds your rifle for cleaning or mounting a scope.
  • Great shooting rest: for target practice, works better than sand bags. ALWAYS SECURELY GRIP YOUR RIFLE WHILE SHOOTING!
  • Each of our Bullshooters® are built to last and are fully guaranteed and warranted.
  • Click here for instruction for the poly Bullshooter®.

Bullshooter - Retail Price 109.95

Bullshooter Kit (contains Bullshooter, rear adjustment, accessory box and targets)

Bullshooter Deluxe Kit

Save more if purchased as a Deluxe Kit - Deluxe kit includes: Bullshooter, rear adjustment, accessory box, pistol vise insert, and targets. Deluxe Kit Price $193.48 Special $182.50

Rear Adjustment

Pistol Vice Insert

Fits in the Rifle Bullshooter to enable you to work on your handguns.  Complete with shooting pad and flashguard. It will also fit inside the Bullshooter accessory box for storage.

Sight in your crossbow with our Bullshooter Sighting in System

It is so easy, takes just one shot and your ready for the hunt. The Bullshooter holds your Crossbow for a accurate shot. After you shoot fasten your cross bow in the Bullshooter, make sure sight is back on the your POINT OF AIM, then dial your sight to the ARROW. That's it... now just go shoot your deer.

Below are pictures of Joe sighting in his bow with his Bullshooter: