Pistol Sighting in System

Pistol Sighting in System

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Bullshooter Sighting In System

We have been asked over and over to come up with a sighting in system for hand guns. After listening to our customers, we have designed the best system on the market. It does everything the "Rifle" Bullshooter® does, but this one is for hand guns!

Works great for sighting in a laser.  Holds your gun while you adjust the laser.

Our new Bullshooter is made of a very high impact polyethylene. It gives you the support to shoot your best possible group. It offers maximum adjustability with a front arm that adjusts up for the really big guns, down and back for smaller hand guns. It is an excellent pistol vise to adjust your scope, or to hold it for maintenance. It also has front adjustments to make it very easy to zero in your hand gun. It takes as few as 3 rounds to sight your scope in perfectly!

It has a convenient carrying handle.

It has space for ammo, tools, supplies or loose parts.

Check out our new Pistol Bullshooter.

Measures 13" X 7" X 5" high.

Pistol Bullshooter

Adjustable Arm for the "Pistol Bullshooter"

You can now replace the front arm or your Bullshooter with a new Adjustable Arm. It makes adjusting your elevation a snap when sighting in, adjusting your scope, or laser.

Easy to install: Just take the thumb screws out of the side of your Bullshooter, TILT THE ARM AND SNAP IT OUT. To install just snap your new arm in and replace the thumb screws.

Cost $14.00 plus S&H