Bullshooter Sighting In System

Bullshooter® Sighting In System

We are proud to be the home of the official Bullshooter® Sighting In System. After years of being asked to come up with a sighting in system for hand guns, we listened to our customers and designed the best system on the market, the Bullshooter®! Whether you choose the "Rifle" Bullshooter® or the "Pistol" Bullshooter® you'll experience a very high impact polyethylene unit that offers a wide "footprint" for excellent stability, a convenient carrying handle, and space for ammo, tools, supplies and loose parts. The padded barrel rest adjusts for large guns down to small guns- perfect for load testing, distance shooting, boresighting or a vise for maintenance and cleaning. And it takes as few as 3 rounds to sight in your scope perfectly!

We were voted the #1 Sighting in System used to win awards in rim fire competitions!