Bullshooter Usage Instructions

Instructions for using the Rifle Bullshooter


Step 1.
Unlock folded rest cradles by slightly pushing down on carrying handle and rotate 1/4 turn.  Then pivot arms upward and downward into semi-vertical position.   Grasp carrying handle and lift off cover.
Step 2.
Tip rifle rest on end and attach stabilizer bar to bottom.  Match dowels on bar with holes in bottom of rest and tighten center screw with fingers.
Step 3.
With thumb on inside of front arm, slightly put pressure on arm as you pull your gun back to position on or close to bullseye.  This will push the arms apart leaving no movement in them.  If you need more adjustment, carefully screw the two elevation screws (in stabilizer bar).  Slide rear of shooting rest left or right until scope's centered on bullseye.  Securely holding your rifle, carefully squeeze off one shot. If bullet did not miss target, or backstop, carefully fire two more shots to get a tight group.   Take your time.  Don't flinch!
Step 4.
gun, walk to target.  With a felt marking pencil draw a tight circle around your group of three bullet holes, or mark with marker dot.
Step 5 & 6.
Return to shooting bench and insert two steel pins through appropriate holes in sides of rifle rest. (One pin at front, one pin at rear.) The pins will protrude approximately one inch on both sides of rest.
MAKE SURE GUN IS UNLOADEDAttach rubber strap to end of front pin (with pin through hole in strap).  Stretch strap tightly up and over gun barrel and attach to same pin on opposite side.  Attach rear strap same way except stretch strap up and over stock. Make sure both straps are stretched tight.  Rifle must be firmly secured with scope's crosshairs in a straight up and down, vertical position.Remove windage and elevation adjustment covers from scope.Re-adjust elevation screws on shooting rest (not scope adjustments) until crosshairs are again positioned exactly in center of bullseye.   Slide rear of rifle rest left or right for correct windage adjustment.
Step 7.
Now that your scope's crosshairsare perfectly centered on bullseye, carefully turn scope's adjustment screws until crosshairs are positioned in exact center of your group of three bullet holes.  Be careful! Don't let the gun, the shooting rest, or the shooting bench move during this operation.
Take your time, this step is critical!
Step 8.
Remove rubber straps, reload. Aim at the bullseye squeeze off three shots. Don't flinch! ALWAYS SECURELY GRIP YOUR RIFLE WHEN SHOOTING!


Important notes:

  • Once you're sighted in, you can lay the back arm down for target shooting.
  • When adjusting Bullshooters elevation screws tighten locknuts finger tight against top of stabilizer bar.  This will eliminate wobble in elevation screws.
  • Do not fire gun while it's strapped in shooting rest. Pressure from the rubber straps would most likely cause erratic bullet placement.
  • If you did not get an acceptable three shot group....stop and see what's wrong! Check your gun, your scope and mounts, your ammunition....and  reevaluate your trigger squeeze.
  • You may need an additional shim stock - your Bullshooter was designed with limited elevation adjustment to ensure units stability.